Cell Phone Holder

We all have cell phones and we all experience the inconvenience in having to somehow arrange a place where we can put them while they are being charged. It is the same story when we take them along in our car, motorcycle or bicycle. Even when we are walking we usually would prefer to have a handy way to take our bosom buddy along. Homeware online stores now offer us a cool, well designed solution for this great dilemma… A cell phone holder!

,strong>The Need for a Cell Phone Holder,br/> As cell phones began to play an ever growing part in our lives so grew the need to have them stored in a way that, on the one hand, ensures that they will not be damaged and, on the other, allows us easy and quick access to them. Most of us also consider it important to solve the problem of dangling charger cables. This is exactly where a good cell phone holder comes into play.

Useful accessories
Cell phone accessories developed hand in hand with the devices themselves.
In the early days, if we wanted to use our cell phones while driving it was necessary to have them mounted on a "hands free" extension which provided both constant charging and amplification.
Using a cell phone while riding a Motor cycle was considered unsafe and required personal ingenuity from whomever wished to do it. Cell Phone Holder used to be more at use on the move then while at home, where we were content at placing our phones on shelves, tables, on bedside dressers, in drawers and whatnot.

Many of us still drop our phones into hand bags or just pop them into a pocket when we go out, but it is still always a challenge to try and remember where we put them.

These developments gave rise to the cell phone holder. Charging Charlie, For example, is a simple yet cleverly designed cell phone accessory which does exactly what its name suggests, it holds your cell phone charging cable while charging so that you are free from trying to arrange a suitable place for it. Boris, on the other hand, is a much more dedicated cell phone holder, and will actually carry your mobile on his back even while charging!