A lid holder is one of those small items which is just so handy at very specific times. This time, so far as lid holders are concerned, is when we want to leave the lid over a pot on the stove slightly open.

There are other kitchen utensils we tend to think that we can easily get along without. With lid holders, as with other such kitchen utensils, only once we happen to own one and get used to having it available whenever the specific time for its use arises do we realize just how useful it really is.

The thing with such small handy items is that in order for them to be awarded sufficient credit they must, apart from being cleverly designed for maximum efficiency, be made as attractive as possible.

Designing a Lid Holder

Many designers will tell you that designing a small, seemingly insignificant household item is not necessarily any less of a challenge than designing a more complex, heavily used one. Such is the case with the lid holder.

With Design there are always different things to consider, many times some will tend to contradict others and compromises will have to be made unless a miraculous "third way" reveals itself.
People have found solutions for keeping lids over pots or pans slightly ajar before they ever encountered or heard of a lid holder. This fact alone makes the designer's work even more of a challenge because it is necessary to produce a desirable item which almost everybody feels they can very well do without.

There is only one way to get skeptics to try and find out just how much better a well designed lid holder holds lids for them. The design must be both super efficient and aesthetically appealing. Such lid holders make excellent original gift ideas since they are surprising, adorable and practical.

Lid Sid - Uniquely Designed Lid Holder

A great example of a successful lid holder design is "Lid Sid" featured on Monkey Business studio online store.

Designer Luka Or's touch is quite apparent. Lid Sid is an item which is sure to brighten up anyone's day, whether when receiving a set as a gift (Lid Sid come in pairs of two, one red and one white) or when buying one for you.

However you came to own a Lid Sid lid holder it will surely put a smile on your face every time you use it, this is the power of unique design.