Tissue Roll Holder

In many occasions thinking "out of the box" is what enables you to win yourself an advantage over more restrained individuals. This is true also to the challenging process of finding awesome gifts.

A tissue roll holder is a good example, those of us who are bold enough and uninhibited enough so much as to consider such an item to be a suitable gift will discover that an originally designed tissue roll holder has awesome gift potential written all over it.

Take for example the daisy roll holder, designed by Iris Zohar and featured on Monkey business design studio and online shop. This unique design is both practical and eye pleasing.

The daisy roll holder can be stacked with as many as six rolls of tissue paper, it is also handy as a holder for other "rollable" items such as newspapers or magazines. The clever design allows for various arrangement possibilities thus enabling best use of available space.

Finally, worth mentioning is the sturdy and long lasting material the daisy tissue roll holder is made of ; Fabric bands made of thick, elastic polyester.

A good tissue roll holder must combine both functionality and looks. Do not be tempted by designs created only with show in mind. Many designers will argue that in order for an item to be truly impressively designed it must first of all be convenient at performing the role it is intended for.

The Tissue Roll Holder should be both practical as well as unique and impressive

There is a wide range of tissue roll holders which can be found displayed in many online shops as well as on shelves at house hold goods shops and even rows of such items at super markets and department stores.

It is surprising to discover that there are so many possible designs for such a mundane item, intended to be placed next to the toilet bowl itself, a spot which is not renowned for its prestige.

When shopping for a tissue roll holder take the time to check out as many types as you can all the while remembering not to compromise functionality for looks.