Wine Bottle Holder

A Wine bottle holder has long since become an item of stylish décor.

As do many things that start of as just practical solutions for an arising need so did the wine bottle holder evolve into the wide range of crafty, ingenious pieces of home accessories. These can be found today among giftware online offers as well as in stores selling gifts, appliances, furniture (from Ikea to a local mom and pop operation), liquor and tobacco shops and many more.

A Wine bottle holder may be small, plain and non-decorative or it may be a cleverly designed modern stainless steel type that hangs from the ceiling. Their prices vary just as much.
It is important to remember that they are not wine storage units, the bottles placed on them are exposed to the temperatures and lighting in the room they are situated.

What is it good for?

Since a wine bottle holder is placed in an accessible place, such as in the kitchen or near the dinning area, the bottles held in it should be ones intended to be used and replaced regularly.
Wines for special occasions, expensive wines or any wine to be stored for longer periods should be kept in cool dark conditions such as provided by professional wine storage units or a cellar.
Since they are located in plain view they are obvious candidates for participating in the overall interior decorating, furnishings and room design.

Where to Place a Wine Bottle Holder

If intended for pure utilitarian function, to provide easy access to wine used in cooking or meal serving, the natural place for a wine bottle holder is the kitchen. However, as we all know, wine is best kept in conditions of steady cool temperatures and away from sunlight. It may be hard to find a section of the kitchen providing even the minimal essential conditions for keeping wine. In such cases the next logical place would be the dining area.

When located in plain sight, in the dining room, living room, hallway or any other such place, the wine bottle holder ceases to be just a functional storage tool and takes on a role as a decorative home accessory.

This is why there is such an abundance of wine bottle holder designs and manufacturers, from hand crafted unique art pieces to modern looking mass produced models.